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Vedic Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

What is Vedic Astrology?

“Know Thyself!”  This is the eternal wisdom spoken by all the world religions and great spiritual teachers.  But how can this be achieved?  The key is Vedic Astrology (known as Jyotish), the most profound and ancient system of astrology based on the eternal Truth and timeless wisdom of the ancient Seers and Vedic texts of India.  Moreover, unlike astrology in the West, Vedic Astrology has always been a central part of Indian society and culture, where it is regarded as a Divine Science.  It is the ‘practical application’ of Karmic Theory, that eternal Law of Nature which states: “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

What is my Birth Chart?

Your Vedic birth chart is essentially a map of your karmas, a reflection of your soul’s destiny in this lifetime, and reveals the relationship between your life and the Universe, your connection with the Cosmos, and your dharma.  This relationship can be expressed in cycles of time, which is unique to Vedic Astrology, giving a system for predicting future trends and events, including health, profession, finances, family, relationships and spiritual evolution.

What is the difference between Vedic and Western Astrology?

Vedic Astrology uses the ‘true astronomical position’ of the planets.  By contrast, Western Astrology uses a ‘tropical zodiac’ that is based on the seasons – which means that the beginning of the zodiac at ‘zero degrees Aries’ is determined by the position of the Sun on the Spring Equinox (21st March).  However, due to a slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation about its own axis, this ‘equinoctal point’ is moving backwards in the zodiac at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years, such that the Sun’s position on the 21st March now is actually at 6 degrees Pisces (a difference of 24 degrees). This is known as ‘the Precession of the Equinox’ and it means that you have to subtract 24 degrees from all your Western planetary positions to obtain their Vedic positions.  Of course, you may find that a planet moves back to the previous sign!

What is my Dharma?

As a professional Vedic Astrologer, my aim is to help clients understand themselves and the karmas that they are working with in this incarnation.  As we know, nothing happens by chance, and Vedic Astrology is truly a tool for Self-knowledge and Self-realisation.  Knowing and understanding your birth chart allows you to focus on your dharma, or life purpose, to live life in harmony with Nature and Cosmic Law, and to be aware of the different cycles of your life – to go with the flow and not swim against the tide!

How can Vedic Astrology help me?

Having a Vedic Astrology consultation (in person or via telephone) is enjoyable, uplifting and empowering, and aims to give you a comprehensive overview of your Vedic horoscope and the karmic patterns it reflects.  Areas discussed include relationships, career, health, personal strengths and challenges, spiritual growth and future trends.  Your Vedic horoscope also reveals your natural talents and your karmic destiny regarding career, dharma and right livelihood, in addition to identifying the best time to make a new career move, while relationship compatibility analysis can provide an effective appraisal of the planetary dynamics existing within personal and business relationships.  With Vedic Astrology it is also possible to find the most auspicious time to begin a new venture (Muhurta), such as marriage, starting a new business, buying a house etc, to ensure that one hasmaximum support from Nature.

What is Vedic Life Coaching?

I have been studying Yoga and Vedic Science since 1985 and am also an experienced counsellor, yoga teacher and professional life-coach with The Coaching Academy.  This gives me the unique ability of combining life-coaching with astrological insight to offer my clients an opportunity for holistic guidance and support on an ongoing basis.  As one recent client describes, “the two previous sessions we had have profoundly changed my life and have given me a greater understanding of myself and how I work within the world around me, which has been so positive”.

How are Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology connected?

Ayurveda, India’s system of Natural Health Care, is the ‘sister science’ to Vedic Astrology.  Using Vedic Astrology, I can determine your specific Ayurvedic constitution (prakriti), and hence offer advice and guidance on diet and simple daily routines for better health.

What are Vedic Remedies?

There are many specific Vedic remedies (Upayes) to help alleviate our challenging karma, such as mantra, meditation, yoga, yantra, diet, fasting, herbs, charity, service, worship and prayer.  In addition, specific Vedic ceremonies (pujas and yagyas) and gem stones can be recommended to alleviate certain astrological weaknesses and difficult karma, including health problems.

How do I learn Vedic Astrology?

I am the UK Director for Dirah Academy International which offers email correspondence courses in Applied Vedic Astrology (foundation and advanced), in which you learn the subject by studying your own horoscope and working at your own pace, receiving prompt feedback on your assignments.  These certificate courses are credited by The Council of Vedic Astrology and lead to the Dirah Academy International Diploma in Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology.  I have also run many workshops in Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda and have been a guest speaker at the recent 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 15th annual International BAVA Conferences in London, the 1st International Conference of the German Vedic Astrology Association, and the conference of the Ayurveda Practitioners Association.