Vedic Pujas and Yagyas

Many thousands of years ago in Ancient India there existed a very advanced civilisation, known today as the Vedic Civilisation.  In this culture there were many rishis or ‘seers’ who, from the depths of their enlightened states of consciousness, were able to cognise the mechanics of creation.  Basically, they understood the workings of the Universe and karma, and how to connect with the gods and deities using sound vibration (mantra).  Over time, a set of highly specific spiritual practices were developed which could help an individual improve his general life situation by changing his karma.  These techniques, known as ‘yagyas’ or pujas, work by establishing a connection with certain Vedic Deities, who may be thought of as The Cosmic Administrators that manage all the different aspects of creation, making sure that the Universe runs according to the divine plan.  A yagya, then, is a powerful way of seeking divine assistance by ‘appeasing the gods’, and can be used to compliment our other spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, prayer, service, charity, etc.)

I am very pleased to be able to offer clients the opportunity to partake in Vedic Yagyas, organised by Puja.Net, in India.  The yagyas are performed by highly trained pandits (Vedic priests) who chant specific Sanskrit mantras while offering flowers, ghee, milk, honey, rice & fruit etc to the specific deity using a fire ceremony.  One example is the Ganesha Yagya (to remove obstacles), in which the 108 names of Ganesha are chanted.  I am pleased to say that I have visited Kanchipuram in East India to participate in these yagyas with the Chief Priest, who comes from a family that has been associated with the famous Ranganatha Temple in India (largest Vishnu temple in Asia) for over 17 generations.  I have also visited Varanasi (North India) and have spent time with the pandits at our special purpose built Yagya School. The father of our Head Priest in Varanasi was Professor of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) at Benares Hindu University for 30 years, so you can be assured that every yagya is conducted properly by highly trained expert pandits according to the correct Vedic protocols. In fact, many of our pandits perform yagyas for the Shankaracharya, who holds the highest seat of spiritual wisdom in East India.

Generally, a private, personal yagya is performed by 5 highly trained Vedic priests for 5 hours, although for more effect you can also increase the number of priests and/or have the yagya extended over a longer time period, and we soon hope to make arrangements for you to listen live to your yagya being performed in India.  I am honoured to have had the privilege of being hosted by the priests at both our yagya facilities in Varanasi and Kanchipuram, and can vouch for the purity and efficacy of all the yagya procedures. I am also pleased to say that we now have a third facility in Pune in West India. We have received many reports from satisfied clients and the results I have seen from several of my own clients are very promising indeed.

A yagya is an ancient Vedic technology that uses a highly elaborate combination of sound (mantra) and offerings (flowers, rice, ghee etc) to connect with specific Vedic Devatas who are the Cosmic Administrators of the Universe and life on Earth.  Modern physics calls this the Technology of The Unified Field, where anything and everything is possible at the most subtle levels of creation, and where Quantum Physics has identified a field of Absolute Energy (Pure Consciousness) existing beyond the finest levels of material creation.  The ancient Rishis and Yogis of India have known of this field for millennia, calling it sat-chit-ananda (Absolute Bliss Consciousness) and they have been able to connect with this source during their deep meditations and spiritual practices. This unmanifest field of existence has various names, depending on culture and religion.  Scientists call it the Unified Field of all The Laws of Nature, or Natural Law, while philosophers call it The Absolute or Pure Consciousness, and modern psychologists are calling it The Field.  Hindus may call it Brahman or The Veda, Yogis call it Atman (the Self), Christians name it The Kingdom of Heaven, while Buddhists may call it Nirvana.

The fact is this Field exists, and the ancient Rishis and Yogis knew how to access it.  The ancient practice of yagya involves specific techniques to allow access to the Cosmic Administrators of the Universe to change or influence some of our karma.  The word Karma just means ‘action’, and every thought, word and deed creates a vibration in the Cosmos which ultimately must be returned to us, just like a stone dropped into a pond causes ripples to move to every corner of the pond, and then return to the original point.  In Modern Physics, the principle of Karma is described by Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states that “to every action there is an Through our past incarnations, all our karmas (actions) are said to be stored in The Akasha and our Vedic birth chart is a map of the karmas that are ready to be experienced in the current lifetime.  Therefore, by using certain astrological factors (based upon our birth chart) combined with our name (which also connects with our karmic bondage) and the specific yagya techniques that have evolved from the ancient Vedic culture, it is possible to nullify or ‘burn off’ some of this karma.  Our karma is said to be stored in our DNA, and therefore the yagya process will involve a complete restructuring of our psycho-physiological make-up, and essentially a restructuring of our consciousness.

Yagyas, therefore, are specific for each individual, using the person’s name and astrological data, and it is said that the “seeds” of one’s karmas are burned up in the fires of the yagya.  It is a very subtle thing, working on the level of individual and cosmic consciousness, but always bringing about positive spiritual evolution.  One can never predict the exact outcome of the yagya, however, because it may not be possible to know the exact depths and workings of one’s individual karma.

What are the different types of Yagyas?

There are many different types of yagya, such as the Navagraha Yagya (for specific planetary influences), Ayush Yagya (for good health and longevity), Lakshmi Yagya (for wealth and prosperity), Lakshmi Narasimha Yagya (for family harmony and prosperity), Ganesha Yagya (to remove obstacles), Mrytunjaya Yagya (for health and longevity), Sudarshana Yagya (for deep-rooted problems), Saraswati Yagya (for educational success), Subramanyan & Shiva Yagya (for marriage or finding a partner), and many others, including specific yagyas for spiritual development. We also have a special series of 14 day health yagyas and/or wealth yagyas at a very reasonable cost. The wealth yagyas include a very special and powerful 50 or 100 priest yagya.

You can have a personal yagya at any time to relieve specific obstacles or problems (e.g. financial, legal, relationship, health, work, career) or when beginning a new venture (marriage, business, new home etc) to maximise the support of Nature.  It is also good to help smooth out a difficult planetary transit or planetary period (dasha), or when starting a new dasha or sub-dasha, particularly one that might be troublesome.  This is the principle of Heyam Duhkham Anagatam given in the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali (verse 2.16), which literally means “avert the danger or obstacle before it arises.”

The cost of a private, personal yagya performed by 5 highly trained Vedic priests for 1 day (lasting 5 hours) is £300.  This fee includes a Jyotish consultation for the Yagya prescription, and all the necessary arrangements made on your behalf, and you will also receive photos from the yagya.  For more effect, you can also increase the number of priests and/or have the yagya extended over a longer time period. A special discounted yagya program (The Maha Sponsor Program) is available to those who can commit to a series of just four monthly yagyas.

For clients who can commit to a regular monthly yagya (minimum requirement is 4 private yagyas) we have a special program in which you receive daily pujas and yagyas in addition to a special 10 day program of yagyas based on the Vedic calendar (e.g. Navagraha yagyas in January, Shivaratri yagyas in February/March, Guru Purnima yagyas in July, Ganesha yagyas in August, Navaratri yagyas in September/October etc). This is a very nourishing program that supports the individual in all aspects of life, material and spiritual.


“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and best wishes to you and all the priests and those involved in the Puja.Net programme.  I strongly believe the influence of these Yagyas has been extraordinarily beneficial for me spiritually, emotionally and materially.  It is the combination of the effects in these important areas of life which I find very encouraging and exciting for me.” (T.S. Brighton, UK)